DISC Assessment & 1:1 Coaching Session

Be Happy Remote by Sam Roberts

Remote or hybrid workers face unique challenges in effectively communicating, collaborating, and maximizing their potential in a virtual work environment. Understanding one's own communication style and behavioural tendencies as well as how to adapt to build stronger remote stakeholder relationships, becomes crucial for success.

What is included;

  • A unique link to complete your confidential DISC assessment
  • Your 25+ page personalised report
  • A 1-hour individual coaching session to build an action plan based on your report insights
  • A BONUS workbook post-coaching to advance your learning

DISC is a powerful behavioural assessment tool that helps individuals understand their communication styles, leadership styles, and behavioural tendencies. The assessment involves answering a series of questions or statements that capture your natural preferences and adapted work behaviours. Once completed, it generates a personalised report that provides insights into your dominant behavioural style.

After completing your DISC Advanced questionnaire, we will book a 1:1 coaching session with Sam Roberts, Founder of Be Happy Remote and accredited DISC Advanced facilitator to build a personalised action plan based on your results.

The DISC assessment is a valuable tool for personal growth and development. It fosters self-awareness and helps you understand how your behaviour affects others. With this knowledge, you can adapt your communication style to interact more effectively with different personality types and improve your relationships.

View a sample report here.

Please review the below before purchasing:

  • Virtual coaching and your DISC Advanced report are only available in English.
  • Coaching sessions will be based on availability. Typically these can be within North American hours, which means Europe or UK afternoon/evening, or for Australia and NZ in the mornings. Weekend coaching sessions are available.
  • No refunds are available because we are unable to refund your assessment link once confirmed with DISC Profiles Australia our third-party vendor for the assessment tool.
  • All DISC assessment responses are completely confidential. Your coach will only be able to review your individual report and not your exact responses.

Contact us if you have any questions about the assessment or coaching availability or if you would like to discuss discounted group rates or team workshops.

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DISC Assessment & 1:1 Coaching Session

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